My youngest has sworn by this cure for months, but I've been skeptical.

Until tonight.

I didn't just have the hiccups, I had the hiccup-burps; much more annoying and completely unladylike.  So I figured I had nothing to lose and protein to gain.

Spoonful of JIF Peanut Butter

I've tried holding my breath, exhaling then holding it, drinking a glass of water, and who knows what else to get rid of hiccups.  Who knew that a spoon full of peanut butter would do the trick?  I mean besides Stephen…?

Immediately they stopped.  I'm now a believer.  My son is brilliant.  Home remedies rock.

Which has me wondering, what are your tried and true home remedies?  For hiccups, toe fungus or any other bothersome but not life threatening malady?  Do tell!

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