In November, my husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, which makes a recent revelation about him all the more surprising:

He's very German and must've been switched at birth unbeknownst to his mother, father or an entire hospital staff in small town Nevada, circa 1963.

We learned this about him while attending cultural training prior to our temporary move to Germany, and I must say, this explains a lot.

Christian Höferle (Höferle Consulting, highly recommended for inter-cultural training in the tri-state area) conducted the content-rich sessions, and early on we made the remarkable discovery based on Herr Höferle's characterization of German values:

  • efficiency
  • punctuality
  • organization
  • thoroughness
  • method
  • logic
  • consistency

Hello???  Is this not Tad Dance to a "T"???

So, it makes perfect sense that he would quickly experience a breakthough, and acclimate to a new job, culture and country with relative ease. 

What I didn't anticipate (but in retrospect, should have given his newly-discovered German descent) was how committed he would be to The German Way.  Since we arrived two weeks ago, the temperature has languished in single digits like it forgot how to count past ten!  Since his first day at work, Tad has ridden a bike about 5K to his office. 

Below-freezing temperatures aside, it also snowed last Tuesday; that snow was still on the ground when it began snowing yesterday, and though there have been brief respites, it has continued through today. 

Only today we have freezing temps, a wet, sometimes heavy snowfall…and 30 mph 50 kph wind gusts!

A year from now I might just be married to a hard body….


Can you hear the howl of the wind?

Blustery snow




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