Both our 1½ hour flight to Charlotte and our 8½ flight to Munich were uneventful, the way all flights should be. 

Thankfully, there were no snakes on the plane.

This, I also know:  I like Lufthansa.  Even in Coach, the seating was comfortable and clean, the steward service was professional, polite and efficient, and they preempted hunger with refreshments or meals before stomach-lions had a chance to growl.


"Willkommen," German for welcome.  Everyone in Chattanooga already knows this word thanks to Volkswagen's first North American assembly plant.

And the pilot landed the plane in one piece.  That's kinda important.

Even Lufthansa's snacks are happy. 

Soletti Happy Mix  Lufthansa's pretzel mix


For the kids in the car who beg the question, "Are we there yet?" they kindly let you know "not quite."


Sky map

Disguised as a good ol' fashioned TV dinner, our in-flight supper was better than expected (except the brownie.  Oh.  My.  It was so bad you'll need to give me yours so I can **take care** of it for you.).

Airplane meal on Lufthansa

6813720373_7ac4d80b6d_mActually, it was dinner and a movie.  No, dinner and Modern Family and a movie.  No, make that dinner, Modern Family, and TWO movies–Footloose (can someone remind me if the first one was any good??) and Crazy, Stupid, Love, a bromance/dramedy starring Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling, which exceeded expectation; and, for which I was thankful featured the family-friendlier version because I have reason to believe the language might've been a bit…much. 

6813747185_36ce72fd6a 6813752697_47806c4ae5After a lovely sunset over the U.S., our first European sunrise and peek at Germany confirmed my last-minute snowboot purchase was a wise investment. 

Landing about 45 minutes early, the plane quickly cleared; about 1:15 am EST but 7:15 in Germany.

Munich's airport is one of the nicest I've ever visited; I found myself wanting to linger but we had people to meet and places to go.


DSC_0109Looks like I'm not the only one who was flipping out a little….



You know you're in Germany when the welcoming committee is white sausages, greeting you from the baggage carousel.


DSC_0111An official Meeting Spot at Munich's airport.


DSC_0106Which way do we go?  Tad's travel team from the States.


DSC_0110This picture does my heart good; she was our driver and spoke VERY little English.  A few people in our travel group got separated from the rest of us, and we ended up not leaving the airport for about two hours after arrival!   Keeping in mind by then it was about 3:15 am EST, our driver's expression matched how I was feeling!  She eventually offered us cigarettes (I think). 


DSC_0112Checked bags and carry ons for six travelers, I'm not so sure this was the safest way to travel…..especially on the Autobahn!

DSC_0114F i n a l l y locked and loaded…we're on our way.  Almost two weeks into life in Bavaria, I'm thrilled to report all…is…well.  We're thankful to be able to say truthfully our expectations are being exceeded.  


A HUGE thank you to friends (and family) who've sent emails, Facebook/Twitter messages, Skype messages & calls so far, and ESPECIALLY to the special one who's taking care of our boys; also Amanda and Leslie (and anyone else I don't know about?) for FEEDING our boys!  Danke schön!

I can hardly wait to share some of our experience so far!


* This post is dedicated to my youngest because THESE are the kind of things he's like to see and know :).

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