What would you do if you knew
you could not fail?

~ Robert Schuller


Man paragliding

March, 2012, near Erlangen, Bavaria (Germany). Soaring on blue skies and skipping on clouds.


Seriously, WHAT would you do if you knew you could not fail?  

At the top of my list you'd find paragliding, sky diving and hang gliding, all related to my fear of tumbling through space to a painful death  mangled limbs and paralysis for life heights.  This is one of those things I'd change about myself if change was as simple as willing it or wishing on stars.  

But it's not.  Sometimes I'm a fraidy cat.

A question I often ask when making important life decisions is

Do the advantages outweigh the risk?

It helps clarify perspective.  It forces me to consider potential benefit and satisfaction versus cost and consequence.

My 50th birthday is next year.

I think that's the first time I've written it…and though I've said it many times since my 49th, it feels strange clicking off my fingertips, seeing it in writing.

It seems important at this season in life to ask that question–What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail?  

On one hand I like the question; it compels you to DREAM BIG.  But I think I prefer a different question:  What will I regret not trying at the end of my life?

I'm working on a "50 Things for my 50th Birthday Celebration" bucket list; not necessarily to do before or while I'm 50, but 50 things that demand me to step outside my comfort zone, learn something new, challenge curiosity and convention, live more simply, see with new eyes.  Take risks. 

Will you lend me your imagination?  

I'd love to hear your suggestions for my bucket list; I know your creativity will ignite my own (especially if you already have a Life List with ideas).  If you're a blogger who's published a bucket list feel free to link the post in comments, too.

And I'd love for you to answer either question:

  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  
  • What will you regret not trying at the end of your life?

No pressure to share your answers out loud…but I think it's a wonderful exercise to consider the possibilities.

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5-minute-friday-1Written in response to Lisa Jo's Five Minute Friday writing prompt, "Risk," but I exceeded the time limit!  Once I began writing I wanted to finish the thought.  

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