I cannot believe I missed it, something everyone else I've talked to seem to notice right away.

I can't believe it went right over my head and never, ever, EVER occurred to me until someone else pointed it out.

I've always thought I was one of those mothers who Knew Things, who had cut a just wide enough path back in the day not to miss those things Other Moms might miss.  

I'm not proud to admit it, but during those wide-enough-path-back-in-the-day days, at times my mouth was practically BEGGING for a bar of Ivory.  Under Certain Conditions I might've even made a sailor blush, or I probably could have if I had ever actually run into a sailor.  

But that was then and this is now.  

Though I'm no stranger to the occasional, contextually-appropriate expletive, I cannot stand gratuitious cursing in movies or when I'm at a sporting event and a drunk, angry fan lets fly a stream of toenail-curling profanities.  Or kids at the mall…that one just breaks my heart.

So.  If you caught my last post you already know I was cast as an extra for a video Tim McGraw was filming in Chattanooga last week.

And here's my question for you:  

Am I the only person who didn't catch the suggestive nature of the title of the song?

All I heard was a fun, up-tempo country anthem, the kind of song that is instantly familiar, catchy and likeable.

I'm wildly curious…what did you think the first time you heard the song and/or song title?  

Updated to add two more things– 

  1. I really was "proud" the song was so "clean," in a day when music can be so raunchy.  My oblivious mom card earns another stamp.
  2. It occurred to me after reading an emailed comment from a friend that sometimes you see (hear) what you expect to see (hear).  It's the only way I can explain why Violent Love was my favorite camp song of all time (it was everybody's), and why parents eventually banned us from singing it!  We didn't hear the same thing at all!!

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