If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Does your mind immediately go to those physical attributes you wish were different? There's two kinds of those, of course.  The kind God knit together in secret places and before time…and the kind you helped him with.  I suppose both can be changed but that likely comes with a cost.  Pain…money…time.  

Is it worth it?

Or do you think of personality or habits or tendencies or addictions?  

Maybe your first thought is "past," you wish you could change your past.  Perhaps you dream about changing someone else!  Isn't that something everyone is warned about before marriage–if you think you'll be able to change your partner after the wedding you're deluded?!

Or maybe you think BIG and you want to change the world.  Or you think small and you want to change the color of your hair.  

What is the one thing you often imagine changing?  

Think about it…isn't there something you've wanted to change for years?  As long as you can remember?  

So, I can't help but ask you (and I'm asking myself, too). . . 




What are you waiting on?


: : : : : : : : : 

5 minute fridayWritten in response to Lisa Jo's 5-Minute Friday prompt; this week's them:  Change.  Had I not been on a time limit this would have really been fun to explore and write well.  Instead, you get a simple post with a simple question that BEGS you to answer.  

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