More than an ocean had separated me from my children when I returned home from two months abroad; I wondered what re-entry would look like.

Would we pick right up seamless and smooth, a comma punctuating our good-bye instead of a period? Or would it be a gravel road, pitted and pocked and jolting? I’m close to my three, but after all, it had been a while since I was the boss of them.

I didn’t have to wonder long; prom was two weeks after I returned. In case your children are still young enough for you not to know this, Prom Season inevitably will push boundaries.

My boundary push came by way of an after-party invitation for my 17-year-old son: a co-ed all-nighter with the guys sleeping in tents outside, and the girls sleeping in an upstairs playroom.

Right, I thought. Visions of American PieAnimal HouseAmerican Graffiti – and any other party movie I’ve ever heard of or seen – all rolled into one night.

All this, projected onto a group of kids who have never even come close to my Imagination Gone Wild.

I was furious…

{This is a week where my posts for Deeper Family, Simple Mom and incourage happen to publish within days of each other.   I hope you'll click through to continue reading The Decision and Indecision of Parenting.  My post is sure to attract some dissention….}

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