The Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster, aka Westminster Abbey, coronation church since 1066.   

Westminster Abbey - London - blue sky and clouds

Even if you knew nothing about its impressive history, its magnificent architecture would bow your knee in praise to the Creator who gives men the mind and vision to build such a vessel for worship.  


Quote outside Westminster Abbey in London

We passed Westminster Abbey several times during our 25th anniversary visit to London, and everytime my heart leapt in adoration of its beauty.  My appreciation and love of architecture has sprouted and bloomed while living in Europe; I find myself wanting to study and learn and know more than I ever knew was knowable. 


Westminster Abbey front view

Their website tells me Westminster Abbey has hosted only sixteen royal weddings in its long history, the most recent of which is Prince William's and Kate's.  I assumed Prince Charles and Lady Di had married here as well, having forgotten they chose St. Paul's Cathedral since it could seat more guests and allowed a longer procession through London's streets. 

Westminster Abbey tall view

We were blessed with two days of blue skies and one of clouds, fog and rain, and I was intrigued to observe how different the same buildings presented under such contrasting canvas.  The weather made a difference in more ways than one.

London's Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey, London

We happened to be in London for Remembrance Day, the equivalent of the U.S.'s Veteran's Day.  Beyond the miles of parading military personel, including the Royals in motorized caravan, a lovely commemoration was the red poppy everyone wore on their lapel.  National pride can be a beautiful thing.



Thousands remembered in front of Westminster Abbey, a reminder to the high and dreadful price of war. 


More posts to come…London is a beautiful muse.

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