Definition of fantasy



Living in Germany this year has ignited a passion to learn.  To gain command of a new language, to study the great masters in art and architecture, to retain not only U.S. history but world history…

My appetite has been teased and my tastebuds are tingling…but I forget more than I can remember.

Fantasy #1 is to learn new things the way Neo and Trinity did in The Matrix.



Turning secret dreams into common reality…w h a t i f?

I'm an idea girl…a manufacturer of fantastical inklings and delicious schemes.  

Here's to 2013 being the year some of them seep out of my head and heart and into the land of the living.  



For a lot of years I lived as a Stepford Christian, professing to a prescribed faith I really didn't believe.  The Bible belt's buckle cinched tight, suffocating rather than infusing belief.  I thought doubt was a sin and asking questions anathema.

I've recently wondered what I would believe about God if no man influenced my belief.  No pastor from any pulpit, no music from the ancients or contemporaries, not even any of the great authors and teachers I so highly revere.  

Fantasy #3 is the most impossible wish:  opening my Bible and coming to it without prejudice or persuasion of others. 


Are you brave enough and willing to share your own fantastical wishes and dreams?

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