All you need is…L o v e.

The kind packaged as a man…

who was born to die…

to rise again and bring death to death…

so that we could live

f o r e v e r

The Gospel is CrazyLove, the good news on Good Friday.

* * * * *

50th Birthday Blog BashI'm evoking Woman's Prerogative and 50th Birthday Grace today by extending my crazy through next week.  The truth is I have five remaining giveaways that are just too wonderful to cram into a week that is already FULL of amazing giveaways.  I changed my mind because seven days just wasn't enough to focus on the generosity of each individual or company contributing to the cause :).

Oh, and you can enter any of the by instagramming the blog button on the right and sharing that you did on comments to the post (except the two Rafflecopter ones because I can't go back and edit it to include them).  It would be great for you to invite others to enter.

Enjoy your Easter weekend and please check in next week for the rest of the giveaway celebration.  I'll slip on my , spend some time with old friends and new, and celebrate Forever Life come Sunday morning.

The best is yet to come?

There's only one way to find out. ?

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