I re-designed my blog.


I mean, TypePad makes it too easy; they have all these customization options and themes and junk on the back end, and I had a wicked case of writer's block so I started clicking around their pretty picchas…found one…SAVED IT WITHOUT THINKING FIRST…and lost my other header.

Don't get me wrong–I've planned on re-designing for YEARS and I'm sorta in process now, but…I didn't mean to today.

It's like giving a five-year-old a box of matches when she's supposed to be cleaning her room.  She wants to obey and clean her room, but those matches are much more interesting.

AND THEN SHE STRIKES ONE AND BURNS THE HOUSE DOWN (getting out safely with the cat, dog and your wedding pictures) AND ALL OF A SUDDEN HAS A NEW BLOG DESIGN.

Hat tip to the multi-talented Emily Freeman for capturing the header image last year at the beach….

This is about the sixth version of me "salvaging" any kind of design; you should have seen the others.  They looked like you gave a five-year-old a pair of scissors with the box of matches when you told her to clean her room, and before she opened the matches, she looked in the mirror and decided she needed to cut her hair before torching creation.


If ever there was a "bless her heart" moment, this is it.  

For the record, I'm limited as to what I can do with this theme; I can't change the background, colors, font or spacing.  But for now I've let it suck enough time and I need to get back to the writing deadline that started this series of unfortunate events.  

What's the accidentiest thing you've ever done with your blog or Facebook page?  Really, truly, TELL ME 'cause we Tech Idiots need to stand united, right?  


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