When I'm quiet on the blog, it usually means one of two things:

Life offline wants more of my attention.

~ or ~

I'm writing elsewhere.

As a regular contributor to (in)courage,  Simple Mom and Deeper Story's family channel, there's always a chance I'm writing something for one of them, but it's my role as Bloom (in)courage Book Club Coordinator that's keeping me busy for the next two months.  

In January I accepted the part-time position with DaySpring to write content to companion book club videos by Jessica Turner and Angie Smith, and recently we announced the our summer selection:  

Bread & Wine: a love letter to life around the table with recipes

Photo(10)In Bread & Wine, author Shauna Niequist has married together her love of people and food in this part-memoir, part-cookbook book.  I love it.  In my wildest dreams, it's the kind of book I could have imagined writing–I've always said the kitchen or dining-room table is a sacred place, an alter, the place where family and friends come together, face to face, to share life and love…and the foods that bring comfort and delight.

So.  Saturday the girls will be filming in Nashville and I can't wait to meet Shauna, spend the day with Angie and Jess, laugh (a lot) and eat (a lot)…and gain a little inspiration to write the posts to accompany the videos.  

(Consider this post a personal invitation from me to you to join us, too!!  Click here for details and today and tomorrow you can plus an Ever Grateful Cake Pedestal!!)

And, talk about inspiring, who knew Doogie Howser was so talented?!  Neil Patrick Harris opened this year's Tony Awards with a BIG bang, and though he had a line or two I could've done without, he demonstrated that you don't have to pull a SETH-MACFARLANE-OVER-THE-TOP-RUDE raunchification to be funny and brilliant.  Enjoy this seven minutes of entertainment, and if you're like me, you'll be ready to break out in song and dance to join 'em.



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