Love-Where-You-Live-Button-Robin-DanceI'll be honest: it wasn't love at first site
.  I resisted her charms because I was so attached to my previous love.

I was blind, I was deaf and I was…dumb.

Sure, her beauty was obvious enough, but it took me a long, long while to see everything she had to offer–her depth, her breadth, her style, her substance. 

Today I am absolutely smitten–

Chattanooga, Tennessee, home to the famed Choo Choo and the heart and soul of the Tennessee Valley. 

My hometown of the last ten years, the place where I've watched my children grow up, the setting where I started blogging – likely the reason I started blogging! – a town that has burrowed her way under my skin and taken up residence in my heart.

It's not unusual for me to receive emails asking about what to do and where to eat when people visit Chattanooga; I love sharing my favorites. 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to introduce you to Chattanooga in the series Love Where You Live and I'm inviting you to join me by introducing ME to where YOU live. 

We'll start on Monday, August 19th.  For four weeks I'll give you a topic to share your favorites on that subject, giving all of us an opportunity to be virtual walking, talking billboards for the places we live.  It's a Chamber of Commerce dream!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it would be even more fun to invite others to do the same thing.  Please join me in this fun, weekly Link-up!   Invite your readers to take part, too–share this post and be sure to Pin it, Tweet it, Facebook & Stumble to amplify our reach.  If you aren't already a subscriber, now is the perfect time to get email updates to alert you to each weekly prompt.

Feel free to grab the button at the top of my page that my wonderful friend Sarah created for me–I love it!  She made it customizable at the bottom so you can add the name of your hometown, too (I created mine below at 

First favorites?  Restaurants!  Tell us all about the places you frequent, the best kept secrets, the scroungy diners it takes years to discover and that only the locals know about.  Share a simple list of five or write mini-reviews on a dozen–it's up to you. 

Let me know in comments if you're planning to join–the more the merrier!!  Then remember to pop over on Monday, August, 19th to link your post and virtually visit those who join in. 





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