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If You Cant Be With The Ones You Love-RobinDance-Part2


It was May 2003, not yet summer but the perfect weather for a cook-out.

We had planted but now it was time to uproot.

We had built and now it was time to tear down.

The stones were gathered, but now it was time to scatter them.

It was a time to speak and keep and hug and love.

It was time to both weep and laugh.

I love the third chapter of Ecclesiastes.  It makes sense out of life.

This was our “official” going-away party, a blur of good people, good food and good drink.

There was much consumed that day, but mostly I remember the overflow: people telling us how we had impacted their stories.

Some things we knew but many we never suspected.

We wondered out loud about leaving this place where all of our babies were born.  Would we end up regretting it?  The year or so leading up to our move had been a hard one emotionally and relationally, but overall those 14 years were full of good life.  Our friendships were characterized by breadth and depth.

I had no idea just how much we had taken them for granted.


To be continued….


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