I have a secret.


And since it is my secret, I can decide when to let the kittehs out of the bag, no? 

In just over a month from now…

my blog…

is going away!

After eight years of wearing the same dress – isn't that like eighty years online?! – I'm changing outfits.  PENSIEVE is going away.

Evidence that I'm ready for the change, there are no misty eyes, no second guesses, no misgivings at all.  I'm only eager, excited and expectant.

And whether you're reading me for the first time or the 2001st time I hope you'll join me at the new place. 

I'm not going to share specifics just yet, but I'll give you a series of hints during the next month while I'm participating at the Nester's 31 Days Writing Challenge (this would be a GREAT time to subscribe to my current blog, so you'll receive notice when the new one goes live.  My incredible designers, George and Ashley at Tekeme Studios, visually captured the exact sense I was hoping to communicate and I cannot wait to share it with you <ten thousand exclamation marks/>).

The new site will go live sometime between now and November 4th (earlier if they can make it happen). 

In the meantime, what will I be writing about for the next 31 Days? 

The Wonder of a Woman

Women are complex creatures.  We defy simple explanation (though there's no loss of attempts to define us).  My goals over the next month are to:

  • speak life and love into our collective, sometimes weary souls
  • explore the wonder, beauty and incredulous aspects that make us decidedly female
  • challenge you (and me) to discover new ways to accept ourselves just the way we are
  • encourage those of us who sometimes feel like the world is passing us by, that we missed out on our one chance to DO something that matters, or that our best years are behind us.  Fooey on all that junk.

(For those of you left hanging on a cliff, I'll pick up with my "If you can't be with the ones you love" series in November.  Sorry!!)

The guys might wanna sit this one out (or if they're very wise, they'll understand why they'd wanna stick close!).  For women approaching (or passing) those milestone "F" birthdays, you're gonna wanna hang tight.  For those facing "T" milestone birthdays, you might want to follow along because one day soon enough, you'll reach the F ones, too.  And for those who've celebrated the "S" birthdays?  Well, I might not have experience but I sure hope this encourages you

And if you're slow to recognize what F and T birthdays are, well, just consider milestone years and you'll figure it out soon enough.  ~ wink ~

So, over the next month, I'll be sharing personal reflections on womanhood, aging and insights on turning 50; inspiring quotes by and about women; mini-portraits on some amazing women; and if things work out, a guest post or two.

Please plan to follow along; I'd love for us to do this together.

Q1.  Are you a blogger planning on taking part in 31 Days of ____?  DO share your topic for the month in comments.

Q2.  I'm curious if there's anything you're hoping I'm writing about.  Though I have a general idea of how I'm planning to proceed, there's room for you to ask questions or share your thoughts and ideas.  I'm open to your suggestions–this could be a fun and challenging interactive exploration.


I'll update this page so you can easily locate each post!!  (And somewhere along the way, I've begun using WOW to abbreviate the Wonder of a Woman.  Isn't that kind of awesome and perfect?)


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