Based on how much I say it, “love” must be one of my favorite words.

It punctuates every phone conversation I have with my children and it’s how I tell my husband good-night.  It’s what I say when I want your shoes, see a puppy in the window, order dessert.  It’s what I tell my hair dresser when she’s touched up my hair, the way I describe living in Germany, and how I’ll review a very good book.

I Love…! expresses my affections for something that matters to me, a little phrase that can mean a thousand things.

Never, however, is love more dynamic, strong, expressive or beautiful than when we hear it spoken by God.

It’s a season when “love” appears to be everywhere you turn…
so I’m taking some time to consider what it really means.
Please continue reading my devotion at incourage today.

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