Words matter.

My words matter, your words matter–it’s important for us to steward well what we say and write, right?

A kind word of affirmation or a sharp word of discouragement can oppositely and exponentially change the course of our day–for the good, bad or downright ugly.  Let’s shoot for that first one as often as possible.

Bruised hearts take so long to heal, and sometimes that kind of hurt, while forgiven, just can’t be forgotten.

Word art is a trend in home décor and I find myself having to exercise restraint not to buy every piece I discover; many of my favorite artists mix words and images to complete their work–Curly Girl Design, Kelly Rae Roberts, Story People by Brian Andreas, and my long-time love, Mary Engelbreit.  So, I couldn’t have been more thrilled when DaySpring’s senior product manager requested permission to use some of my words for a line of art prints they were developing, fantastically enough, called Words Matter.  

is the first of several you’ll eventually see bearing my name as author.  It’s practically like I’ve written a book (minus 80,000 words or so).

It’s a little thing that means a lot.

The words are taken from a post about giraffes (not really, but really); reading it will provide context for the above quote.

Go… for yourself, your children, your co-workers and friends.  Sometimes we NEED this reminder.

There are 19 art prints in the shop now including inspiring words from sweet friends Kristen Strong, Arianne SegermanSarah Mae, Kristen WelchHolley Gerth and Lysa TerKeurst.  Oh, and God.  He’s got some prints there, too (check back often because more are coming.).

This is the first of two reasons I’m happy dancing today.  I cannot W A I T to tell you reason #2.

{I’m using affiliate links so I stand to earn squillions of dollars.  Or tens of cents.  <– One of those.}


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