It was just the two of us, alone in our house. My daughter had been digging out everything she’d need for her off-campus apartment, the things she had packed away in drawers and boxes and her closet just three months earlier…

The paradox of just yesterday and yet forever ago.

Her bedroom floor was covered in piles – things to take or leave or give away – and there was barely room to turn around.  Mostly I just sat against the wall and watched her deliberate What next? – a hard thing for a mom to do. In this case it was my presence she wanted, not so much my helping hands.

After a while there were other things I needed to tend, so I stood up to leave. She asked me to close the door behind me and I asked “Why?” since we were the only ones home and it was the middle of the day.

She looked up and away with an impish grin curling mischievous lips, the one that tells my mom-trained eye she’s going to give me something I’ll like–

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