So, it’s 6:30pm on Day Two of Amazon Prime Day, and it JUST occurred to me that *my* book is eligible for the five dollar #PRIMEBOOK19 coupon since it’s already listed on Amazon. Let’s just say it’s been a busy few weeks, and this very minute I have my darling niece and nephew underfoot, and it never occurred to me until RIGHT THE SECOND that it might be a smart idea to share about it. With $5 off, For All Who Wander: Why Knowing God is Better Than Knowing It All is just $11.99!!

For All Who Wander will release January 14, 2020!!


The book will release January 14, 2020, but it’s available right now for pre-sale; if the price happens to fall between now and launch day, you’ll be charged the lower price. And if you’ve already pre-ordered the book (DO tell me in comments if you have–you have NO idea how that will encourage me!), pick up the companion Journey Guide for just $4.99!

For All Who Wander Journey Guide will help you find YOUR story within the pages of mine :).


Okay, friends…I’m off to wrangle a wildling or two or maybe teach them the joy of catching lightning in the palms of their hands. Thank you in advance if you end up buying the book!

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