I’m talking Kleenex here, lol. Yep, that’s all. Me likey the new boxes this year. Once again proving that StYle over substance will cost you a little more.

I never have liked the “decorative” box covers you can buy to hide your tissues. Seems kinda pointless. When I need to blow my nose, I don’t need to hunt for a camouflaged box (that ain’t fooling anybody) which blends into the decor. I mean, is a box of tissues really that offensive??

Shifting gears, this reminds me of when I learned the difference between brand names and generic. We were in the grocery store with my father, I guess I was in elementary. He asked me to go get a box of Kleenex. So, I wandered around Winn~Dixie til I found the right aisle, picked up a box and returned to him and our cart. He said, “That’s not Kleenex!” and I’m staring at the box wondering WHAT in the world I was holding then. He walked with me back to the tissue aisle, picked up a box of Kleenex-brand tissues and explained the difference (which cracks me up now because in his “old age” he became quite the generic-brand King). I thought another name for “tissues” WAS kleenex. Next item I remember learning that on was bandages (I thought they were ALL called band-aids). And the next thing I recall was tampax versus tampons.

Hmmm, all these are drug store items…wonder if there’s any significance there. Probably not.

Anyway, if you saw the pretty boxes of Kleenex this Christmas season and passed on ’em because they were triple the price, you missed out. It WAS worth the extra. The back of my toilet never looked so pretty.

Ending with a giggle, my favorite way to go :).

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