This is EXACTLY how I feel right now…this little fella does a nice job of visually depicting just how TICKED OFF I am, and at the same time, beautifully so.

I planned a surprise night out with my husband. No kids (all three spending the night out?? How often does THAT happen??!). Dinner reservations at one of our ALL TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANTS (and I HAVE to add, if you’re EVER within an hour’s drive of Lookout Mountain–Tennessee OR Georgia ;)–you MUST, I repeat MUST check this place out! I’d recommend the “Slash & Burn” catfish & coconut cake…..and I don’t even LIKE coconut cake. Southern Living agrees, and, even at today’s gas prices, it’s more than worth the drive and your time. You may thank me later by bringing me a slice of cake).

I’m not gonna tell ya the other surprises I had planned because my children read this blog. They’d “ick” out.

And if I ever had any doubts before (which I don’t), I am convinced SATAN IS ALIVE AND KICKING AND HE HATES MARRIAGE AND HE’S LAUGHING AND DOING A HAPPY JIG RIGHT NOW.

Tad is working LATE :(. Major “thing” at work…not exactly something you can plan for. Not only did I have to (tearfully) call and cancel our dinner reservations, he may not come home until……who knows?????

The saving grace is . . . I WILL be ready for him (we’ll call this “Plan B”) 😉

Who’s laughin’ at who now?

Oh, yeah, evidently this is a very famous picture. Here’s a link to give credit where credit is due.

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