yesterday was NOT the day I got my feet under me. I’m beginning to find this amusing rather than frustrating, and I think I’ll choose to believe “slightly-organized chaos” IS my life management style.

So, after getting home and blogging a bit, I began working on the invitations I was making for our family reunion; my mother-in-law (A SAINT) had asked me “to put my creativity to use because she knew I could come up with something special”. In other words, motivation by flattery. Who can say no to that? Not me, not to her. Plus, since I’m a trained Stampin’ Up demonstrator (<---- you should be laughing right now), I'm more than qualified for the task. Paige and I had already worked a couple of hours on 'em and for some silly reason, I thought I was almost done. W R O N G. She, with very little help from me, came up with an ADORABLE card! What I didn’t realize was that I still had to compose a poem for it, figure out a way to print that on the little cards we had cut out, tie ribbon on the invitation tag, design and print the details of the event, design and print the response card, type and print the invitations, print return envelopes, cut ALL of those things to size to fit into the card we had made, size the map, buy stamps and mail the suckers. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but I had to have ’em in the mail yesterday. The GOOD thing is I DID finish ’em and ultimately, it was all good :). They’re done, adorable, and when people throw them in the trash they will say, “That is the cutest invitation I’ve ever seen.” Chunk! I tell you THAT little story to emphasize, that no, my days are still not going according to “plan”. That took ALL DAY! Didn’t even make it to the post office til after school, so my house was slightly neglected. The kids helped me power clean so I felt better after that, I guess I felt like I coulda packed a little more in yesterday’s bags. Gonna close this for now, but last evening continues the story :)…………..

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