After our whirlwind romantic getaway, Tad and I parted company. He headed south to God’s Country (a.k.a. Daufuskie Island) to enjoy his guys’ annual golf thing. I headed home to the real world.

Ahhh, but a treat was waiting. I took my kids to see eleventyseven, an up and coming Christian punk rock band (don’t cha just LOVE that??? Gotta tell you, it’s cracking me up to think this is the first time several of my friends will hit a myspace page 😉 all I ask is that you give ’em a chance!). Thanks to friend Mr. Potato Chip for hookin’ us up with tickets and backstage passes (I use the words “tickets” and “backstage passes” very loosely here, and if he reads this he will quite possibly LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!)

Ok, so some funny stuff here. First, this wasn’t Rachel’s & Thomas’ first concert, but it was for Stephen (he’s 9). They absolutely didn’t seem to know “what” to do with themselves. I wasn’t even sure if they were having a good time, but I know they LOVE the band because we’ve listened to the CD about 4,372 times. Me? Dang, I felt OLD! I WANTED TO JAM W/THE BAND. I mean, in my head, I’m age relevant. In my body? Well, let’s just say it would’ve looked rather sad and pathetic.

Second, at one point I stood behind Stephen and kinda leaned my forearms on his shoulders. In my mind, I’m “reassuring” him ’cause he kinda had that “deer in the headlights” thing going on. He said something and I said “What?” and he repeated loudly, “Mom, don’t hang on me in public……..!” (I was crushed, lol…he IS my baby, after all).

Third, band member Caleb saw us back on the bleachers (the venue was one of those multi-use Youth spaces, kind of gym-like) and said “Hey, you, little girl in the red shirt, come up and talk to me…and bring the rest of your group with you.” Of course, I jumped down and headed for him (the rest of the crowd was pretty much jammin’ in front of the stage), and my puppies dutifully followed. Caleb said, “Cool…someone actually doing what I tell ’em to,” as I started to move; halfway up, I thought better of it, and went back to the floor. Thankfully, the band never saw me.

Fourth, after the concert, Chip called us to meet the guys “backstage”. OMW, Caleb I think was MORTIFIED when he realized I was the one he called from the bleachers…A MOTHER??? A MOTHER???! But, it was cool. My kids once again didn’t know quite what to do or say and the guys graciously posed for some pretty cheesy pictures. But, all three bandmembers were n i c e to my kids…I guess they aren’t that far removed from their ages.

We all came home with eleventyseven tee shirts–my part in getting their name out there and supporting the band (since we got in free). And I learned two things: next time I take my kids to a concert, I’ll hide in the back and let them bring some friends (so they can loosen up and have FUN without their mommy), and two, according to Mr. Chip, Thomas needs to learn how to play the guitar ’cause that’s definitely how you get the girls (T would argue it’s not necessary).

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