Great…………….just GREAT!

So, this morning I get a 6 a.m. wake-up call, and it’s NOT coffee. It’s Tad, springing up the stairs to our bedroom to tell me I got him. Maurice. The mouse that’s been loose in my house. The one my kids named.

And I sleepily smiled and thought “finally!”. Tad said he was gonna leave him for the kids to see, he thought they’d think it was neat. Sounded good to me. I took a picture for y’all (haven’t uploaded it yet). Bloggers are nuts that way sometimes, but y’all already know that ;).

I had no mercy with this sucker. He launched a relentless attack on my kitchen drawers and cabinets and I was tired of having to disinfect every utensil or pot or pan we needed to use…not to mention the contamination of all my spices.

So this is what I get from Rachel: puppy dog eyes and a pitiful voice that says “Maurice is dead? How could you be happy he’s dead?” From Stephen (same voice), he’s 9: “I feel so bad for him because you killed God’s creation. His head isn’t where it’s supposed to be.” (ummm, broken neck). I think Thomas is engrossed in mindless drivel on tv, so no piercing words from him yet.

Any votes for mother of the year? :/

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