… all because a lightning bug “blinked” at me as I locked up for bed. I needed that wink, and I’m not even sure why. It was a gift, a lovely punctuation at the end of a day where I found myself sinking a bit. He was right outside the window of our back door in the garage…not sure I’ve ever seen one there before.

After a thousand years, these little creatures still amaze me.

There is little more delightful than an early summer evening when the yard is ablaze with the intermittant flashes of these automatic smile-makers….replete with a symphony of crickets, cicadas and toads, each a familiar tune of the season.

…and little ones (not so little?) filling mason jars with hole-studded lids…to bring inside a night sentry, but just until morning, the perfect light to chase away lions and tigers and bears ;).

I saw this at this at Julie’s Another Chance Ranch and thought it ap-pro-pro to include it here.

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