Consider this a Public Service Announcement. Walk away from the light! Ignore the buzz!! You already know everything you need to know. Wanna see some slithering serpents? Go to your nearby aquarium or the zoo. It’ll be a better show for the time and money.

The short answer is yes, it was about snakes on a plane. Lots of ’em. Mean muthas, they were, indiscriminate in their attack. Except they seemed (at least initially) to feast on the female or male anatomy that made their victims decidedly male or female.

The movie had a PG-13 rating, but evidently, post production they went back and added a few scenes to rev it up to an R. It deserved the “R”, but I woulda preferred the PG version. No question about the added scenes: [1] A predictable “mile high” clip:/. This young & restless couple were the first to “meet” the snakes. They never made it out of the bathroom. [2] Samuel Jackson had THE line of the movie. For the profane-weak-of-heart, that should be enough to keep you from the film. For everyone else, whether you see it or not, you’ll eventually hear it. Personally, I think anyone would be screaming what he did after a couple of hours 35,000 feet in the air, confined in a tin can with cobras & vipers & pythons, oh, my!

But this is what floors me more than the movie itself. There was a six-year-old kid in front of me, and a ten-year-old behind me. THAT is insane!!! WHAT were their parents thinking? I mean IT WAS RATED R!! That means sex/violence/language. This movie had all three! I wondered if the opening scene was added after the fact, because although it didn’t show direct contact, you begin by seeing a bloody-faced man, hanging upside down after being thrown off a bridge. The next scene is the assassin wielding a baseball bat, apparently mistaking the man as a pinata. Mr. Assasin ends up with the “pinata””contents” all over his suit. If the snakes didn’t drum up enough nightmares for these two kids, that opening scene should conjure up a few.

It was kinda campy…there were stereotypical characters you wanted to get venomed, predictable heros, and humor interjected throughout.

Bottom line is it delivered exactly what it promised….why I felt the need to go is beyond me.

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