…I started blogging. My first two posts were on the same day. The first one was about complications from too many choices (lol, a topic I’ve revisited over and over again); the second one (on the same day) was about the price of gasoline. In case you’re wondering, in the Tennessee Valley it’s exactly 60 cents LESS/gallon now than it was a year ago. Why am I certain of this?? Only because I blogged it.

On the surface, it was an odd time to begin…the day before the anniversary of September 11. However, because Tad and the kids were on their annual father/kid camping trip with his best friend and their children, it was a perfect time for me–Q-U-I-E-T in my house :). Things like this don’t come quickly to me, that whole having to make decisions decisions DECISIONS thing, so I needed a block of time to “research” everything.

For the first six months of my blogging enterprise, I was invisible, writing as if I were being read, but never sharing my URL with anyone. Silly, I know, but I was shy (you may not laugh). Tad pressed me, and although I let Rachel see it first, his encouragement helped me finally step out of my self-imposed anonymity. Most friends IRL WILL NOT POST (stinkin’ voyeurs!), so it finally dawned on me to comment to other bloggers. There are a thousand conversations going on at once (okay, more like a gazillion), wish there was more time to read all I’d like to. I have DEFINITELY learned a lot over the past year…here, and in life in general…ALWAYS a good thing. Hmmmm, you CAN teach an old dawg new tricks :).

There are lots of thoughts swirling in the old Pensieve these days, some of which you’ll see in the days to come ;)…also, a few surprises coming soon to this spot. Stay tuned.

For now, enjoy some cake to celebrate my first bloggaversary–this one TASTES as spectacular as it LOOKS!

A hug and HT to Jen, a little over a year ago she asked me to read her newly-begun blog. Now, a newlywed 🙂 🙂 :), this 20-something had no idea the influence she’d have in that simple request. Neither did I.

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