I’m going on record here as saying teachers don’t get paid nearly enough. I don’t care that they have 5-6 weeks off in the summer, a week at Christmas, a week in the Spring, and days off here and there, they don’t get paid close to what they deserve.

The other category that readily comes to mind are CNAs (certified nursing assistants). They wipe grown-up noses and behinds, take care of others’ personal hygiene and do things the rest of us would rather not think about.

Celebrities–athletes, actors, rock stars and the like, should receive only fame and a minimal pittance for their efforts. They’re getting paid to do what they love–PLAY for a living in some fashion or another! They could end world hunger with what they make. I started to write the word “earn” as the last word in that sentence, but I’m not so sure they earn it; depends on your definition. They don’t earn more money because they work harder than the first two categories mentioned. They just make lots more money for their sponsors. Teachers and CNAs don’t have sponsors.

Ok…I’m just tired. I just subbed 1/2 a day for first graders and 1/2 a day with 7th graders. I’m not sure there was much of a difference.

This is my public THANK YOU to anyone who reads this and who falls into paragraph #1 or #2. Merci beaucoup! Muchos Gracias! Mille Grazie! Xie_Xie! Hartelijk Dank!

Feel free to add to the list of “underpaids” in the comments section.

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