They were camping in front of Target. With chairs and ponchos and coolers and more. I wondered what they were protesting, especially at 8:30 at night. They let me pass by and hardly looked my way.

If you read my rather pretentious poetic post from earlier today, you know it’s been pouring all day.

I asked an employee why they were there. They’re in line for Sony’s new Playstation 3, and although I’ve seen the press, I haven’t read it. Until I saw the crazy people.

The Target peeps told me people have been camped out at Best Buy since Monday even though the stupid games Playstations aren’t available for purchase until Friday. Price tag? $500.00. for a stripped-down version.

I’m guessing there are three categories of “campers”: 1) Serious gamers in line for themselves, desperately validated by being the “first on the block with…” 2) Mercenaries hoping to flip a quick profit on eBay and stick it to the third category: 3) parents who have obviously lost their ever-lovin’ minds!!! (and didn’t know they had to stand in line for a week in order to buy their over-indulged children a $600.OO TOY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!).

This morning after school drop off (I’m finishing this post the day after I started it), I drove through the Best Buy parking lot to poll the campers, in order to bring their story to you. Nine tents in a row. On cement. In a parking lot. They were still sleeping.

I THOUGHT about honking my horn, but I figured they’re already grumpy enough (lol). I am oddly drawn to their insanity the same way I rubberneck a trainwreck. This tells me I am just as nuts as they are.

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