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[1] 60 seconds in the car with our family:

Thom: “Does anyone have any sodium chloride?” (this, after driving through McDonalds for a nutritious french fry snack–of course, with diet Coke)

Rach: “Are you learning about that in school?”

Thom: “Nope, ‘Jimmy Neutron’.” (Educational tv at its finest :/)

Steph: “Know why I don’t like eating at O’Charley’s anymore?”

(No one answers because they’re all talking at once, I’m reaching for the laptop to transcribe this conversation since they’ve had me giggling for a while now).

Steph (undaunted, in spite of the fact no one responds): “Because ever since I found a bug in my roll there, it grosses me out.” (Who knows why in the world he thought of that at this moment–it happened THREE years ago!)

Rach: “What does ‘mooch’ mean?”

Me: “Bummin’ something off of somebody else.” (DON’T YOU KNOW THIS WORD???!)

Thom: “Oh, I thought it meant you eat somebody’s food without them knowing about it.” (weelll, that would kind of make you a thief!)

Me: “Why are you asking?”

Rach (reading off the McDonald’s bag): “No dog of your own? Go ‘head and mooch. Ask a friend if you could help walk her pooch.” (no wonder she was confused, psycho-trite poetry at its finest…I should apply for a job)

[2] This was my favorite Christmas gift (from my husband:) ). I will drink hot beverages while reading good books and if anyone disturbs me, I will not raise my eyes from the page, but shall instead, raise my mug to speak for me.

[3] For our Christmas dinner with Tad’s family, we had a smörgåsbord of Italian dishes (no, they aren’t Italian). At my sister’s, we enjoyed a standing rib roast, potatoes, salad and the like. While everything was delicious, and truly, I was thankful for both, I missed turkey and/or ham, dressing, cranberry sauce, etc., I guess what I consider a more traditional holiday meal. When we got home, I bought both a dead bird and a dead pig while they were dirt-cheap-loss-leaders, and we’ll be feasting soon. Funny how I usually prepare either of these only around a holiday….

[4] Meet Hailey and Roxie, Tad’s brother’s & our S-I-L’s “girls”. We enjoyed a Christmas visit with them, too. They greeted us with happy snorts and fluids flying from mouth and nose. Janice (their mom) is the youngest “sister” on Tad’s side of the family–we have tons o’ fun when we’re together.

This is from a package of cocktail napkins someone gave her. I’ve seen it before, but it cracks me up every time! Mary Phillips never fails to get a grin, she has a delightfully acerbic tongue.

[5] Today my husband renewed his driver’s license. What would ordinarily be a mundane task, instead, carried great significance. “Why?” you ask…because we’ve lived in Tennefreakinsee THREE and a half years!! He still had a SC license. Until today. I think that means we might be here a while after all.

And so the last “tie that binds” is neatly clipped…..

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