While back in the Carolinas for a family Christmas gathering, I tried something I’ve never done before…and I’m afraid I liked it just a little too much! I shot skeet. Although not very good at it–I hit about 20%–it sure was fun. Cocked and loaded, from shotguns we progressed to pistols, and my itchy sure and steady trigger finger got to know a .22, a .38 and a .45–nice to meet cha! The .45 knocked me backwards.
Just l o o k at that gleam in my eye (well, there IS one behind my sunglasses) as I was getting used to the feel of the .22 and .38 (I think). Why did everyone run for cover when they saw a gun in my hands?

My form was ridiculous. There I was thinking how cool I was, and then I saw these pictures. Something tells me that assuming a stance with feet shoulder length apart with a swayback arch isn’t exactly good form. Then again, who’s gonna tell a woman with a loaded gun she doesn’t “look quite right”? (hehe)

I had recycling on the brain, our targets were water-filled 2-liter bottles. On the ground. That part didn’t thrill me, but since there were cows in the pasture…high dollar registered cattle–I didn’t balk. For some reason, my hit ratio improved with a stationery target.

Later that day my shoulder was sore and it slowly dawned on me: I was bruised from the shotgun kicking back. That just made my day. It was kind of a pathetic “badge of honor”, a cheap thrill, for a middle-aged mom.

My appetite has been whetted…I’m ready to play again….anyone game??

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