Erik (aka "The Very Nice Man") had the fabuloso idea to post childhood pictures, following Vicki’s inaugurally-fabuloso idea last week to post our front door views.  Next week, Erik has tagged the illustrious Swampwitch to come up with a "My _______ picture post", and knowing her, it will also be fabuloso (if I say this word enough times, it WILL become a real word, ain’t that right?). 

I could write a post that would have you crying a river–there aren’t that many childhood pictures of me (divorce and my mom’s death at an early age; then, my dad marrying someone young enough to be my older sister, who consequently didn’t realize the importance of capturing our tween and teen years on film :/), so I’m especially thankful for the ones we DO have.  Most are not in good condition, so I’m pretty limited.

I love this one for a lot of reasons:  1)  The misshapen Christmas tree, it’s so imperfect it’s perfect!  Today there seems to be a trend to have "picture perfect" and/or theme trees, and this one extols originality.  I’m sure my parents didn’t put that much thought into it, but I appreciate it’s beautiful ugliness.  2)  There are ornaments hanging behind me that now hang on our tree :).  They’re a part of Mama that’s still with me (I guess Daddy now, too).  3)  We had retro red bulbs that got VERY hot and I entertained myself for hours (okay, minutes) "melting" silver metallic tinsel on it.  It kept me away from the matches.


This is me at age 10.   I thought the lavender bubble shirt was as cool as it gets, and no matter how cool I think the patchwork wrap-around skirt
is, my kids just laugh at me and say incredulously, "You actually wore that in PUBLIC?"  Who says they have an eye for fashion? 

I had NEVER seen this picture before two weeks ago; my brother had it….I have no idea how old I was, no idea who took it, no idea of the location.  It has creases in it and needs to be lightened up (I’m gonna take it to have one restored).  In spite of the quality, I LOVE that little girl, gap-toothed expression.  Wouldn’t you like to know what she’s thinking?  I sure would.


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It’s not too late for you to play along, too.  Just send a link with YOUR childhood photos to Erik (and me 🙂 ), and we’ll be sure to drop by for a look-see!

P.S.  Okay, so this is totally a mother thing, but I just added some pictures of my three monkeys playing in the rain to THIS POST and they’re so stinkin’ cute I had to tell ya here on this totally unrelated post.  Mothers earn a right to be obnoxious…!

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