Q.  What’s worse than getting up every 45 minutes from midnight to morn with your 9-year-old who has an acute stomach bug?

A.  Your 14-year-old, first-born, not-so-baby girl, apparently catching aforementioned ASB, and getting up without making a noise, to heave and wretch on her own :/….while I SLEPT!  Right next to the bathroom :(.  Without anyone to hold her hair back…or get a cool washcloth to hold on her forehead…or rub her back and tell her I’m soooo sorry she feels so bad (while silently praying for it to pass–QUICKLY).

So what that I got up the second, third and fourth time, I missed the money chunk. 

Hmmmm, maybe I should just thank her and be done with it, lol.

So now, we hold our breath and hope "this" is where the ACB dies, goodness knows I’ve cleaned that bathroom more times in the past 72 hours than I have in three years.

For the record, I might miss the part of my momminess that makes everything better when you’re a purging machine, but I DON’T miss the part that has toddlers too young to make it to the bathroom.

And after changing diapers for eight years, I.DO.NOT.MISS.THAT. one bit!  I might be waxing nostalgic for exercising my mommy-healing-touch super powers, but I’m not CRAZY or DELUDED!

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