The drama mamas at Mama Drama hosted a little St. Paddy’s Day Limerick contest, and this morning as I was minding my own business, scrolling through a few of my 201 feeds in Bloglines (:/ I need to do something about that), I noticed my lil’ ole name in the same sentence as "winner". 

Well, now…shucks…out of the thousands  hundreds  dozens of worthy submissions, I was chosen "unequivocally" as the winner with this little ditty:

What Irish-y "thing" makes me drool?
Renders me a slobberin’ fool?
Not Pierce, Colin or Bono
(I think I have mono)
‘Cause it’s S M O K I N’ Peter O’Toole!

Kinda makes you wish you had entered, huh?  (hehe)  I mean, look at the prize package (I can already hear your "Oooos!" and "Ahhhhs!"

Mama Drama is a group blog written by five moms associated with "The Houston Chronicle", and if you’re ever looking for fun-and-keepin- it-REAL check ’em out.

Thanks, girls, I couldn’t have done it without ya. 

Just to keep you coming back to the ol’ PENSIEVE, I’ll tease ya with a little bit of a preview:  I’m slap-dab in the middle of writing a post that is not only informative, it’ll answer one of life’s most disturbing questions; now, in honor of my win, I shall add poetry to the post.  Check back later today…or tomorrow…;).

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