Look at the time I posted this…it’s 6:30 in the morning. 

Our day is shaping up to be a day FULL of all things soccer, tourney games at 8:30 a.m., 10:30, 2:30 and 6:15.  The field is close to an hour from home.  Never having been there before and not knowing if we’ll even see our creaky garage door rising before the sun begins to set tonight, it’s not looking like I can conclude my story before tonight at the earliest. 

Yes, I can take my lappy in case we don’t come home, yes, I’ll NEED want a break from all the game-induced, testosterone-and-sweat-laced energy that is sure to be reverberating like the greenhouse effect in my car (huh?), yes, we’ll probably even be somewhere near free wi-fi and I’ll be itchin’ to write.

BUT, at this point–AND I SWEAR I DID NOT PLAN THIS–contrary to Little Miss Moi’s comment in the last post ;), my s t a l l i n g is not a ruse….  In spite of Kurt calling me a tease, I am NOT trying to lead you on!!! Nooooooo, I would NEVER do that! 

Okay, the Honesty Police just whacked me on the head, and yes, I AM fully capable of that, but it’s not what I intended with telling this story.  It’s one of my favorite early memories of marriage, and I’ve been wanting to write it for a while; only recently did I find the pictures THAT I WILL POST VERY SOON!  And I thought it’d be a fun appetizer for next week’s Fun Monday

So…….my question for you.  Many people don’t blog over the weekends.  I LOVE THIS STORY AND HOPE LOTS OF PEEPS actually read it!  I want you to see me at my, ummmm…..funniest?  It’s pretty bad**.  Should I wait until Monday to post it and let IT be my Fun Monday "bad hair" post?  Or should I publish it when it’s done?  Heck, at this rate, it may BE Monday before I’m done :/.  But I promise, I never, ever, EVAH pioneered this game of cat and mouse.

I have way more respect for you than that…doing that would just be so beneath me ;).

** That’s "bad" in a Michael Jackson kind of way, the grievously scary plastic surgery bad, not the  uber-cool 80’s song "Bad"!

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