If there was ever a doubt as to whether or not advertising has an affect on me, I need to go no further than the Mac commercials. 

I love ’em.  They’re intelligent, provocative in a sensitive kind of way, and satisfyingly humorous. 

Mac users are fiercely loyal–goodness knows I’ve read enough about the blaffair between man and machine from people like Mark, who until he got mired in life and law school papers and finals, wrote a regular Saturday post offering Mac tips.

The commercials are so effective, I need WANT a Mac!  Of course, the on-going problems we’ve had with our PCs factor in; even my relatively new laptop is misbehaving.  Too bad there’s not a Mac store nearby where I can drive the salespeople stark-raving mad from all my questions experiment for fun!  They’d be teaching a VERY old dog some new tricks better suited for the young and frisky pup.

The marketing mind behind this series of commercials deserves a raise; as a former marketing (cough cough) professional, I bow to his/her prowess.  Surely, they’ve won industry awards! 

With my undue affection for, of all things, an ad series, it’s no wonder the following youtube parodies caught my eye.  They’re from the "Christian No More" series from Community Christian Church.   There’s been some debate in the Christian community as to whether or not they’re too snarky, condescending or mean-spirited; as for me, I just appreciate the humor.  While I do think they’re constructed to strike a chord and provoke thought and conversation, I don’t think there’s malice or intent to sow discord. 

Whatever the case, once you watch one, it’s hard not to keep going. 


another and another.

HT:  ysmarko

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