Three states–Georgia, Alabama, Tennfreakinsee–three mountains–Suck Creek, Land and Lookout–and "hailed by cyclists as the
most unique century they’ve ever ridden".  One hundred miles of scenic ups and downs that would leave your lungs begging for mercy, your legs committing mutiny, your aching back humped into a chiropractor’s Technicolor pretzel of a fa
3statejersey2007front_small_2ntasy (huh?). 

  "Been there, done that" has never yielded a more colorful coveted tee shirt. 

Okay, maybe it has, but, this is one you
w o r k for…you earn it, I imagine with a little blood, a lot of sweat, and no matter what your age or gender, a few tears.


Saturday afternoon we had opportunity to wave our good friend Chas across the finish line of this grueling, 100-mile trek.  Actually, we missed him crossing the finish line, but we were there, waiting, and we were the first familiar faces he saw.  His wife was too busy to bother sipping umbrella drinks poolside at the beach out of town, so we camped out to help him celebrate his victory.  He shaved half an hour off his previous time (at least??  I can’t remember), finishing in just over 5 1/2 hours.  You should be impressed.

Chas tried blogging for a bit last year, but he STUNK at it (a few of you even popped over to greet him); he’d much rather read and post to cycling message boards (he’s one-dimensional that way 😉 ).  Well, he IS a SHOWOFF  rather l i m b e r, and if given enough "encouragement", will perform like a puppy.  I’m always sure to give him a Scooby snack and a pat on the head afterwards.

Chas is a bike stud an awesome spin instructor a great guy and fills out lycra n i c e l y…he’s MUCH braver than me, for a lot of reasons…(dayem him, his body fat is about negative two)!  I can’t believe he still had a smile left after riding hard for over five hours; we thought it was a great cycling day (overcast and cooler than it’s been in  a week or so), but he said on the mountain, the wind beat the heck out of them. 

Anyway, congratulations, Chunk, we couldn’t be more proud of ya!  Stephen and Thomas are both wanting to ride now, they thought you were three shades of cool.  Any bike-induced broken bones are on YOUR head!   

(He is soooo gonna kill me for this…..but I know he’d love to hear your congratulations, too.  What’s better than BLANGER love?!  (blog + stranger )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * *

Don’t forget…tomorrow is M O N D A Y and that means fun!  Vicki is in charge this week, and she’s asking for Springtime photos of your front door–and this time, back, too–views.  Click her link for more info, and if  you’d like to join in, it’s NEVER too late! 

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