I’m sitting here minding my own business, TRYING DESPERATELY to finish a photo project I had NO business signing up for in the first place when Richie Ann from GJSentinel.com emails me to let me know I’ve been quoted.  Sheesh…the nerve!   I felt a quick draft of cool air sneaking up my skirt, but when I followed the link to find out what in the world she was talking about, it seems I’m in a group of 25 quotees, and there’s something about guessing who said what, and the most correct wins the cash…or in this case, I think, a gift certificate to somewhere g.o.o.d. 🙂

Soooo, follow her link, see if you recognize anybody (and I’m pretty sure you should recognize somebody–at least ME for heaven’s sake!) and take advantage of the fact I’m completely hog-tied or I’d be tracking down those sources and schooling y’all in "who said what".

Yep, I’m pretty thankful to have an excuse to opt out!

Oh, yeah, while I’m posting, how bout y’all go visit Cheeky.  This Snow Trapped Southern Girl was one of my earliest bluddies, and somewhere along the way we lost blouch.  Reading her 201-300 "Things about me" reminded me why she was an early FAVORITE.  She’s hoping for 300 comments for her 300th post, so even if you don’t know her, drop down to that post and give her some blove!  I promise, you’ll get a kick out of her…she’s stinkin’ adorable!


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