I’m not sure what it’s called, but I think I’ve got "it".  Eeyore

Everything I’m touching lately is plagued with "something" wrong…it’s reaching Biblical proportion :/.  I might get a bit twitchy if frogs or gnats or locusts show up on our back door step.  It’d be funny if it w.a.s.n.’t.!!!!

Yep, this is me…an uncharacteristic Eeyore season.  Oh, bother….

I’m six miles past ready for the OCEAN!  THAT will restore heart, mind, soul and body like NOTHING else!  Mmmmmm, I can almost see and smell and hear and touch and taste it now.

Praise God A’mighty, in four days I will be!!

And that, my friends, just turned my frown upside down :)!

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