Joy at A Spot of T is this week’s hostess for Fun Monday.  Her theme is all things kitchen, and honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally.  Later this week we’re going to begin a kitchen makeover, and she’s given me a lovely reminder to take BEFORE pictures.  I could just hug her neck.

See the cabinets with the microwave to the right of the doorway?  Say "bye-bye"…by the end of this week, they’ll be gone.  Along with the wall holding them up!  We’re opening up that doorway and the wall to extend our kitchen.  The counter will remain, but there will be a bar; two barstools will live on the other side so, while perched atop their thrones, the kids can entertain me with their lively banter.

The room you can see in the shadows has a name…it’s called a "keeping room".  Just what we shall keep shall remain a mystery for now ;). 


Pivoting to the right, you’ll see the room continue.  This tile will be gone, too, although as I type, I’m not sure what’s going to replace it.  Stay tuned.


This is our view as I continue turning right.


And, as I complete the rotation…

We’ll be moving the refrigerator to the current position of the cabinets (right now, Dscn1606you can’t open the right door all the way :/).  Only the side of the fridge is magnetic…most of our photos are plastered all over my laundry room which is through that doorway to the left.

And last, a few of my favorite things, in and around our kitchen.  Our South Carolina pillow (which cost a small fortune, but because it chronicles our lives there was worth every dime!), the Watermelon bowl? vase? Rachel made for me in art this year–she formed it, and came up with a brilliant idea for painting it!  And, going through the doorway to the left of the stove picture, you’ll find the little plaque greeting you over the coat rack as you walk in from the garage.




Please be sure and visit Joy for the rest of today’s Fun Monday posts :).

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