Well, now….

So, I’m just minding my own business, not bothering anybody, being kind and loving to all manner of creatures man or beast, because honestly, I was worn out from my whine-no-cheese session   pity-party-turned-group-hug cleaning til midnight (because it has been raining men–messy ones–at my house), when, before heading to bed, I check email.  I had a few.

Bewitched_2 Well, imagine my surprise when
Swampwitch herself wrote to let me in on a little secret.  At first I thought she wanted to cast me in a remake of one of my favorite childhood shows because I THOUGHT she told me I was bewitched!  Apparently, I misread (it was late for goodness sakes)–she actually said I was "witched". 

Oh, me, oh, my………so taking a tool out of Willowtree’s arsenal w.o.r.k.s…. stomp your feet… whine…throw some colorful words around… moan…groan…complain…say "I don’t care, hmph"…a few times, and lo and behold, voila!  The kind and generous people in the world will take pity on you and shower you with prestigious honors.  Willowtree may be Einstein, but now, Swampy has knighted me the distinction of having been witched.  It’s a good thing (he’s been witched, too).

A fun part of bloggin’ IS sharing the love, and Swampy filled my cup so full, it runneth over to infinity and beyond.  I shall wear her little sidebar bling with an ear-to-ear smile.

Swampy_awardFor the record, Swampy swears her post was in the works BEFORE
my post yesterday, and why wouldn’t I believe her?  She’s one of the most adorable, warm-hearted, endearing, compassionate, tell-it-like-it-is-albeit- somewhat-dyslexic bloggers out there.  She epitomizes "a rolling stone gathers no moss", so be sure to visit her to read her tribute to me me me in its entirety.

Thank you, Kathy, you’re six shades of swell :).

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