Well, shut mah mouth…!

We get back from the beach laaaaaaaaate last night, were greeted VERY enthusiastically by our adoring Australian Shepherd and a less enthusiastic and purring-in-spite-of-herself Calico, unpacked….and crawled into bed. 

Mmmmm, OUR bed, OUR sheets, OUR room (I had my pillow with me, so that wasn’t missed), there’s just something about sleeping in your own spot that does a body good!   Good sleep–uninterrupted sleep for hours at a time–has become rare for me the past few years, so when I have it, 1) I’m thankful, and 2) I think I could solve world hunger and world peace and come close to curing cancer IF ONLY I were a wealthy, humanitarian physician. 

Hosselectionbutton_2This morning I opened email and in the midst of reading Pensieve comments (thanks to those of you who kept my blog from getting lonely!), discovered I had not only been nominated for an award, but I was also a finalist! 
Kailini at An Island Life is hosting the Bloggy Hoss Elections, EXPLAINED HERE, and I have to say, I’m not quite sure what to think.  I’m definitely proud to be associated with many of the finalists, several of whom are regular reads of mine–even Bluddies, no less–I just can’t decide if someone is trying to "tell" me something about myself…friendly correction?  Loving rebuke?  DON’T FORGET GOD GAVE YOU TWO EARS AND ONE MOUTH SO YOU’D LISTEN TWICE AS MUCH AS YOU SPEAK?!

Let me explain–

Amber, that Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck is nominated for "Most Athletic"…

I can’t think of a sweeter dorkier "Class Clown" than Mert at Almost Somewhat Positive

I did scratch my head on Willowtree at ADGMB being nominated for "Brainiest", but simmering under the surface of all the profane snarky beast-lovin’ prolific posts of his, I’ve found Peter to be very smart about a lot of things, sometimes unexpectedly so.  I didn’t notice him complaining about being nominated, so either I missed that post skimming through Bloglines or he doesn’t know it yet or more likely, he’s writing a scathing rant about why he’s going to accept decline the nomination ;)…

How can you argue with Ree, that oh-so-confessionary Pioneer Woman being voted "Most Popular"?

5 Minutes for Mom twins, Janice and Susan
make PERFECT "Head Cheerleader"

…and, in the past I’ve enjoyed Spirittibee’s ("Most Artistic") comments on blogs we read mutually, and Boo Mama ("Nicest Personality") has one of my FAVORITE taglines EVAH!

So me…what am I nominated for? 

"Most Talkative".  Hmmm….M.O.S.T.  T.A.L.K.A.T.I.V.E.

I’m thinking m a y b e it has something to do with me continuing to blog while I was on vacation, even after I said my blog would be quiet…is that it?  Gosh, I HOPE it’s not just because I’m bloviation prone…:/.

In any event, I’m choosing to take it as a compliment…knowing it had to be one of three of my favorite blistahs who nominated me (yes, I know who you probably are, I’m not gonna blow your cover;) ), I was pretty fired up to make it to the finals.  If by some freak of nature, I win (currently, I’m lagging in the polls), I will wear the bling proudly, knowing someone thought enough of my little Pensieve to nominate it for this (ahem) honor.  Thank you.

And, since I apparently don’t know when to STOP TALKING, I’m humbly asking for your vote :).  Click this link to go straight to the polls, and you can vote daily between now and July 10–that’s Tuesday, y’all, so please don’t wait!  If you’re open to suggestion for the other categories, please consider my bluddies listed above–they’re all more than worthy of final honors :).  And to my friends in real life who read but NEVAH COMMENT, getchur butts over to the polls and vote for me!  NOW!!  You don’t have to have a blog to vote!  And tell YOUR friends…and tell your friends to tell THEIR friends, okay?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After I’ve had time to decompress from vacation (HA!), I’ll be posting results from my little comment contest…stay tuned :).  Hmmm, it’ll probably be Tuesday or Wednesday since tomorrow is Fun Monday and the carpenters will be back to repair some damage to our house….


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