1)  Now that Fun Monday is done for the week, I’ve got "naked blogging" to catch up on (and NO, scarypeople, that isn’t about sitting–undressed–at your computer…or standing, for that matter).  The thing is, I’m also wrist deep into finishing our Western Adventure series.  Why can’t I finish it?  Is it because I have a.d.d. when it comes to writing?  Is it because I’m meeting my husband for lunch and having a very-necessary pedicure before my feet start looking like THIS?   (click that link ONLY if you’re very, very b.r.a.v.e.)?  Is it because of on-going technical difficulties?  Or because we took so many pictures I slip into a dreamy, ethereal state when I look at them and I’m instanta- neously mentally (where it counts) teleported back to the Grand Tetons or meandering through the 2,000,000+ acres of Yellowstone instead of writing about it

That would be a reverberating "y e s! thankyewverymuch!"

2)  The addiction spoken of in the title can be explained with this:


What is it you ask?  A spice jar-sized creamer and sugar set, much like the similarly-packaged picnic-ready salt and pepper shakers you might find on aisle 7 at your local grocer’s.

What it is, is not relevant.  That I bought it in the first place, is.  A)  I certainly didn’t need it; and B) the singular reason I bought it was it cost 10¢…one thin dime.  Originally $1.75, for some inexplicable reason, I HAD to have it!  One of the BEST bargains I’ve ever found!  I wanted to buy several of them to give away as enviable prizes in some kind of spectacular blog giveaway… hmmm, or maybe Ree will want a few for her photo caption contest, yes? .  WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THAT???  IT MAKES NO SENSE, EVEN TO ME!      

See?  a true addiction…I’m so ashamed…my need to buy something just because it’s 95% off.  Sick, I tell ya, sick!

[3]  Here’s a sursee I bought myself recently.  Seems like I’m developing "plaque", too…and not just the kind a little dab of Crest will take care of.


This joins the other plaque I featured in a previous Fun Monday.  Gosh, if you super-size the picture and read the baby cercie I bought myself at the same time, you’re gonna think I NEVAH clean my house.

Would that be the worst thing in the world?  Tad, you are NOT allowed to comment! 😉

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