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Thanks to YOU, I’m pretty excited today :).  When the idea behind Pensieve’s Poetic License began percolating in my diminutive caffeine-hazed brain, I wasn’t sure what would actually become of it.  While I’m the Queen of Good Intentions, all too often that corkscrew-winding road leads to a dead end.

Not this time–and not because of me, but due to the oh-so-generous-and-supportive response by not just a few brave readers of my little blog.  Thank you for NOT leaving me standing on the ledge all by my lonesome :). 

If you have been hiding under a rock  have accidentally missed reading my blog lately  don’t know what I’m talking about, please read this

Once you’re up to speed, all you need to know is this month’s poetic form is "limerick" and in celebration of Thanksgiving, the theme is "thanksgiving".  If you haven’t already indicated you’d like to participate, it’s not too late; simply write a poem, and once it’s complete, link your post (not your homepage) to Mr. Linky.  Then, visit as many PPL peeps to read their submissions.  OH–and it’d be REALLY nice if you choose to participate, to add one of the PPL buttons to your post and/or sidebar. 

For those who weren’t so sure about all this monkey business, I drafted a "sample" limerick and asked readers to write the last line (always the most difficult for me) — here’s what these clowns came up with:

The pilgrims, they started it all.
A feast fit for kings in the Fall.
Thankful were they,
Eating turkey all day

…not having a tv for football  (Jill)
…instead of the awful stuff in that stinky, rotten, maggot-filled barrel of smoked fish (Kelly…but she’s doing a "real" one, too)
…And Friday they spent at the mall! (E-mom)
…So this year we invited Y’all (Peter)
…And soon they felt wider than tall. (Inheritor of Heaven)

Aren’t those all fantastic?  Now….chopchop!  Get to it!  Write your own last line (in comments is fine) or an entire limerick devoted to thankfulness in some way, shape or form! 


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