UPDATED:  Please…say.it.ain’t.so…please?

Never before has:
…a fainting spell
…your 16-year-old son entering rehab

served anyone better than Marie Osmond and her now over-extended stay on Dancing with the Stars

I’m watching the finale as I type this, and after watching her cartoonish freakish  GARISH baby-doll-costume-wearing-self freestyle dance?  WMarieosmonddollperformancehile I’ve applauded her 48-year-old feet making it this far…it’s time to say buh-bye.

But Helio?  Mmmmm…helllll-ooooo-my;)!Helio_julianne

Just look at how STINKIN’ ADORABLE Helio and Julianne were last night…if I can find video of their jive, I’ll post it later.



Photo credits:   TV Squad.com and Reality TV Magazine.com

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