I’m LOVIN’ all the newbie visits from BooMama’s tour–
THANK YOU for visiting AND commenting!  🙂

Boo Mama
is hosting her second annual Christmas Tour of Homes and I thought it’d be a great way to a) park some holiday photos and b) cross paths with some new bloggin’ peeps :). 

If you’re new to PENSIEVE, welcome!  If you’re OLD to PENSIEVE, well, welcome back :).

I’m gonna keep this as short & sweet as possible, posting pictures with captions instead of a lot of explanation.  (You’re welcome ;).)

If you’re a front door guest, this time of year this is what you’ll see:

Front_door_at_christmasYou’ll have to step over a very colorful poinsettia welcome mat:


OOooo, I almost forgot–if you’re a back-door friend, Santa himself will greet you!


Mercy…my manners! Of course, I’d offer you a little something sweet….it’s expected this time of year, you know (as well as the subsequent poundage on the hippage…)


The other night I enjoyed our mantel in a different light…it was late, and it was the room’s only source of illumination…


My children’s homemade ornaments are among my favorites; these aren’t ornaments, exactly, but every year when I re-discover them, I can’t help but smile…it shouldn’t be lost on you that Thomas’ halo is a bit whop-sided.


Speaking of little angels, this is our tree topper, a Madame Alexander angel.  For years, our tree was topped with a bow, but when I saw this angel, I HAD to buy her…it was love at first sight.


Every morning, my husband turns on the tree lights while it’s still dark; I love walking into the kitchen and looking through our den towards the sunroom and seeing our illuminated tree.  In daylight, what it loses in romantic appeal, it more than makes up in fun appeal–especially with Santa looking on :).



We have a crèche or nativity set in just about every room; my favorites are the simplest ones…or the one made by Stephen a few years ago ( 🙁 his angel got broken this year and all that’s left is that little gold heart behind Mary and Joseph):


We have multiple Santas throughout the house, too.  These guys are the ones who make me smile the most:



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