If you’ve had the pleasure of reading Anecdotes, Antidoes and Anodes, you’ve met a very special lady known as Swampwitch.  I used to be scared of her for the name alone–I didn’t understand her blog name or HER name.

I still don’t understand either, but I’m not scared of her anymore  She’s one of the most lovable peeps in my ‘sphere, and it’d be a RIOT to meet her in person. 

Well, she had an impromptu "contest" of sorts a while back and I "w o n" (and, yes, once again, I’m using that word very loosely).  She promised a FUN surprise from her garage, and I have to tell ya, she’s a woman of her word.

That crazy, generous, swampalicious WITCH actually made arrangements to send me one of their CARS!  I was floored when it came rolling in last week.  You’ve just got to SEE THIS for yourself!!

Aren’t I the luckiest girl in the world?? 😉

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