I’ve been playing with the rabbits this morning, trying to figure out how in the world I’m gonna litter train ’em (ummm, I mean how I’m going to help STEPHEN litter train them) and then I took some pictures for a post I thought of for today (and for a GREAT idea for tomorrow’s WFMW).

The rabbits are now happily hopping amok in the garage (although not truly "amok" because that suggests a murderously frenzied state, and contrary to what my friend Min thinks, rabbits don’t kill!  Have you ever seen one of THEM with a human foot hanging off their key chains???) and I came inside to write for a bit.  I had just uploaded the pics and begun writing a post when I got an email I’m compelled to share with you.

I’m on TopMomma’s front page, and in order to stay there, I need you to CLICK THIS LINK NOW.

So, I’m asking so very nicely in my nicest, most puppy-eyed Shrek-Puss-in-Boots-pleading kind of way, would you take two seconds and hit it?  Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still click it.  Then come back later and click it again.  Enter your own name, and one day soon, I’ll click you.  Then click me again.  And one more time for good luck.  Then while you’re waiting on your photos to load.  While you’re waiting on your post to publish….(you get the picture…I’ll stop already).

Thank you :).

I'm a Top Mommma!

p.s.  Be sure to come back tomorrow…Pensieve’s Picture Puzzler debuts and you might just leave a winner!

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