After writing about our car convo yesterday, I realized I had failed to mention one of the funniest parts; I suppose it was forgotten by the sheer disgust-value of what I did share. 

Again from T, who immediately followed up the "eating goosebumps" remark with this random ditty:  "Simeon has a ‘happy trail’."

Me (blink blink):  "Huh?"

T (matter of factly):  "Simeon has a ‘happy trail’."

Me:  "What the heck’s a ‘happy trail.’"

He explained and then proceeded to tell me every 7th, 8th & 6th grader he knew who had one. 

Rach just kept saying, "STOPTHOMAS,IDON’TWANNAKNOWTHIS!!" and Stephen was laughing.  I was just shaking my head.

How come THEY knew what he was talking about and I didn’t?  Is this common knowledge???  I really don’t think this is what Roy Rogers had in mind when he was a’singin’…;)


Now THIS is what I call a happy trail!

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