Ah, my little poet princes and princesses, are you ready for this month’s challenge?  I know I am!  Poetic ruminations have been rumbling inside my mind since last month’s terza rima when quite a few of you ran running and screaming away from Pensieve’s Poetic License as fast as you could.

Fourteen lines, that’s all I’m asking.  A simple rhyme scheme:


The first eight lines should develop a thought, with the ninth line (e) marking a turn in your thinking, introducing a surprise twist in theme or imagery.

Do this, and guess what?

You’ve just written an English Sonnet.   It’s.that.simple.

Don’t make this more difficult than it is; broken down into three quatrains and a couplet, it’s very writable.  If more explanation would be helpful (or if you’d like to be more technically precise), read Miller’s explanation of basic sonnet forms or  Wikipedia’s description.

For the theme, having just returned from our 13th annual Valentine Tea, I’m inspired by Valentine’s Day.   I want you to write about something you love.  The catch?  Instead of writing an expected love sonnet (i.e., about your spouse or babies or faith) I thought it’d be fun to write about a quirky-kind-of-love, paying tribute to something that could be characterized as your "precious".  I plan to write about potato chips–you can’t get any quirkier or unexpected-er than that when it comes to "love".  Bonus points for adding a photo to your poetic post.

Game for this month’s challenge?  All are invited, and if you post a poem, please check back here on Thursday to add your poem to Mr. Linky so everyone who participates will know to visit.

Would you like an email reminder for PPL?  Leave a comment here and I’ll be happy to add you to the list :).

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